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How Can I Quit Nail-Biting Habit?

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Do you have long nails?

Do you know why you should quit?

Do you want to coat your hand with something bitter, but edible?

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Do you have a problem wearing gloves?

Can you keep your hands or mouth busy at all times?

Common conclusions

Research shows that half of all kids and teens bite their nails. And if you're an adult who continues to bite your nails, it has probably carried over from your younger days. In other words, this is probably a habit that has been with you for a long time and may require a

Biting nails is more than just a bad habit. It can cause permanent damage as it can make your nails grow weird and can even make you sick as it opens the possibility for germs to hide. When you bite, these germs get into your mouth and can increase your chances of getting sick.

When you coat your fingers with something bitter like a neem paste, you won't feel like biting your nails. In a few days or weeks, you'll get over this habit. If you can't find neem paste, look for special nail polishes that come with a bitter flavor. This is sure to deter you from biting your nails.

Manicures is a great way to have good looking nails. When your nails look weird because of many years of biting, start with a manicure to fix them. When you splurge money on your nails, you're more likely to avoid biting it again. You can remind yourself of this splurge every time you try to bite your nails.

When you wear gloves, you may look silly. But it will resolve your problem as it can prevent you from getting to your nails. If you think these gloves will prevent you from doing your daily work, look for stickers that are made specifically to cover your nails. They will have more or less the same effect. When you wear it for a few weeks, you'll get over that habit and can remove them after you're out of that habit.

You're very close to getting over your nail-biting habit. When your hands or mouth are busy, the chances to bite your nails go down greatly.

This is a good time to do something to keep your hands and or mouth busy. To keep your hands busy, consider fiddling with something like a stress ball or even a pen that you can click all the time. Likewise, you can chew gum to keep your mouth busy at all times. This way, both the important parts of your body are occupied, so there's no possibility for nail-biting.

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